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Booking a lovemaking partner is no longer a daunting task, but enjoying to the maximum is. You will pay loads of money to book the most expensive and beautiful girl, but that will be wasted if you do not make the most out of her presence at your place. So, before you book Goa escorts, make sure you already know how to enjoy every moment of your time with your partner. If you know about it, it’s okay but if not, today is a good day to learn something new. In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can extract value for every penny you have spent on your partner. So, if you are interested, keep on reading.

Tips to Double the Excitement of Sex with Escorts in Goa


Never focus on the same thing repeatedly and try to use add-ons. For unawares, add-ons are the things that you use to make the activity even more exciting. For example, if you are engaged in foreplay, use some liquid chocolate pour on her body wherever you are kissing right now. Most of the escorts in Goa like it when you use add-ons to double the excitement.

Passionate kiss:

It’s said that a girl can sense the level of your interest in her when you kiss her. So, when you are approaching her for a kiss, make sure you do it passionately. Independent Goa escorts spend a considerable amount of time in a kiss; especially in French one. You can let your tongue roam everywhere inside her mouth while trying to suck her tongue.

Don’t forget to ask what turns her on:

If you are a responsible person, you will ask what turns her on. Sex is something that can be enjoyed even more if both partners are giving their 100% per cent. So, do not care about your pleasure only, and ask what she likes the most. Goa call girls prefer those men who take care of their needs too. This way, you can impress the girl, and she will prefer you over others.

Seductive touch:

When you are touching her, do it seductively. These hot babes can sense your affection towards her by judging the way you touch her. So, grab her in your arms and who how affectionate you are.

Hardcore sex:

Once you are done with all the steps given above, you can move to the sex part. Goa escorts services allow you to have hardcore sex with your partner. From ordinary sex positions to custom ones, try whatever pleases you the most. Also, engage in BDSM services if you like to derive pleasure by humiliating your partner.