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Multiple ways will bring excitement and thrill from sexual time. Having said this, everyone just goes forward with their version. On the other hand, some derive thrill from the intermingling of the different types of sex positions. Again, stated there is no hard and fast rule for anyone to specify, in clear terms the right way for drawing out an immense amount of happiness.

Although, few sex positions are mentioned below for couples desiring maximum sexual pleasures –

Spoonful –

Some couple draws out maximum pleasures from a “doggy style” type of sex position. Yes, for some of you, this would remind you of animalistic style. In this, the man puts his sex organ inside the female but from the rear side. For support sake, the man keeps his hand either on the back or on top of the beautiful ass of the sexy female escort in Goa. Then in and out the way, he performs the erotic activity. Traditionally, this position is a lot been into use. Going on almost the same style, there are lots of couples that also do enjoy the Spoonful type of sexual position.

In this style, the couple lies on the bed. Quite similar to “doggy style” the man in a spoon-shaped form tries in penetrating the female’s sex organ. The female will have to snuggle and thus feel the long tool going inside and then feeling the pumping action. The couple will love it. As the prolonged sex time will give you a lust laden feeling. Every stroke of the man will give you an amazing feeling.

All-Nighter –

Mostly, the moment one partner reaches the climax position or gets tired, just doses off. Leaving, the other partner thirsty for more sex-time and with the result he or she feels left out. The best way one can enjoy the cosy time of each other, by not going to sleep at all. If one of you does feel sleepy, then another partner will carry out a few of the sex tricks. Like – the ones mentioned below –

1. Softly planting a kiss on the lips, cheek or neck area.
2. Rubbing the hands between the legs. Thus, giving them a push for sexual excitement.
3. Giving an enjoyable type of thrust against the nude body of the other. If given three or four times in a row, then definitely sexual excitement will remain high.

Like this, both of you will finally end-up indulging into a satisfying sex-time in the morning.
Keeping eyes wide open –

Just sit on a bed, with the eyes wide open and face each other. In this position, the legs of both the partners are wrapped around the waist of each other. During this time just keep touching each other’s body softly. Occasionally kissing each other will also make sure that the sexual fire within the nude body is also rising-up. Once, quality time is spent then one of the partners can take charge and then proceed with the actual sexual activity. The secret in this is keeping the eyes wide open and please, do not shut the eyes for maximum action.

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