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I, Dharmendra Chawla, 28 years old young man, have textiles business in Kanpur. By nature, I am a nature loving, compassionate and down to earth person. Goa is my best destination as it boasts of many interesting things—beaches, lakes, tall trees etc. One day, I made a plan to come this state for complete rejuvenation. After coming here, something different happened to me and I felt in seventh heaven. In fact, I came across one of the escorts in Goa, who loved me in such a fashion that it really left an indelible impression on my psyche. Read the blog thoroughly to know everything in detail.

How did I become curious to hire an escort?

Although I was used to thoroughfares of Goa state, I had no acquaintance. So, I decided to stay in one of the most famous hotels. Here, I got my room booked for a fortnight and I wanted to enjoy to my heart’s content. One day, when I was loitering in a park nearby the hotel, I saw some young men, who were in the age group of 20-25 years of age got down from their cars and directly went to the hotel manager. Being curious, I also went behind them.

The door of the manager’s cabin was shut. After peeping into the cabin, I saw that manager was showing pictures of many young beautiful women to them and the young men present there were discussing something with them. I kept staring them.

When they had gone from there, I myself went to the manager and asked him what the matter was. The manager told me that they had come to do inquiry about Goa escorts. He continued saying, “These escorts are romantic companions, who provide various types of services to the men.  I persisted, “Can they provide me services if I hire them.” He said, “Why not.” He soon handed over an album to me and asked me to choose any escort of my choice.

Whom did I chose and how did I enjoy with her?

Whom I had chosen was Lavanya Menon, one of the most famous independent Goa escorts. On seeing her, I was really taken aback. Her way of talking was so good pleasant that I completely forgot about your woes and sorrows. Through her conversation, I was able to shed most of my troubles. When the turn for lovemaking came, she started performing striptease in my front and this thing is aroused me sexually.

Then she smooched me and started provided several other types of kisses—ear lobe kiss, hand kiss, Deep French kiss etc. She also asked me about massages, but I was not interested in them. She showed me various sex positions—missionary, doggie styles, and many other poses. On seeing them, I could not resist myself and became one with her. The best way to describe would be that I was head over heels in love with her. Next morning when I got up, I was completely relaxed. She bade me  farewell to me and disappeared.

Briefly, from my personal experience, I would say that Goa escorts services are really wonderful means to enjoy with the extremely beautiful escorts. They are very virtuous and talented. I would suggest every young man to come to this state to enjoy companionship with them. They do understand the problems of me and try to eradicate them with their comforting words and touches. In the hour distress, they really do wonders for the men. It is really difficult to get such romantic companions at other places.